It is an integrated payment service solution called 'Pay nara' for all business payments that occur
in my hands. delivery fee Charge Service, monthly rent installment payments, hand-written
payments, and KakaoTalk payments

Pay Nara

Payment by card instead of cash, monthly rent payment

  • Payment of monthly rent, management fee, deposit, etc. with credit card instead of cash
  • Complete monthly rent payment using the registered card on the designated date requested by the tenant without confirmation from the landlord.
  • Can be set to normal/regular as needed
  • Check once more through depositor validation and pay safely

Convenient payment and settlement, Quick B Payment

  • Pay the Quickbee usage fee with a credit card instead of cash.

Various payment methods, easy payment

  • KakaoTalk payment, manual payment, terminal payment, credit card QR payment, Lip Pay QR payment
  • When paying through KakaoTalk, you can set the time when payment is required and send reservations.
  • Applicable to small businesses such as Instagram market, blog market, etc.

Easy to collect, sales management

  • Card, Quickbee, PG sales, and commission details all in one place
  • All monthly deposits, settlements, and fees can be checked daily
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