Token Economy

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Reap Token, a token issued by ReapChain, is a new mainnet project to solve the problems of the existing Blockchain's trilemma, block creation time and transaction processing speed, and to efficiently integrate with IoT. 3.28% of the total issuance of 4.9 billion, 160 million, have been sold and the hard cap is $5.88 million. On October 20, 2021, it was decided to get incinerate 55.10% of the total issuance, and the amount of incineration is 2.7 billion.
  • Token Sale
  • Marketing & Ecosystem
  • Founders & Team
  • Standing Committee Node
  • Early Contributors
  • Company Reserves
  • Token Burning
Token Burning
  • Pre-Sale0.20%
  • Private Sale1.02%
  • Seed Sale1.02%
  • Marketing & Ecosystem13.10%
  • Founders & Team2.04%
  • Standing Committee Node13.71%
  • Early Contributors5.00%
  • Company Reserves7.55%
  • Token Burning55.10%